How do wireless security systems communicate?

In our systems, the panel communicates with its sensors using a low-power radio signal. Our  panel communicates with the alarm monitoring center through cellular networks, just like a cell phone.

How much time does the system take to install myself?

SafeAlarms is wireless and installs in about 15-30 mins. Our system arrives pre–programmed to work instantly. No wires, no strangers drilling holes in your walls. Do it yourself to save hundreds on installation and thousands with no-annual-contract alarm monitoring plans.

Do I need a home phone line?

All of our packages come standard with a built in GSM cell card that communicates wirelessly to our monitoring center. Therefor, no phone line is ever needed for any SafeAlarm System.

Do I need any special tools or knowledge to set up my new system?

Your SafeAlarm system arrives pre–programmed to work instantly. No
wires, no strangers drilling holes in your walls. Therefor no alarm installation knowledge is needed. Simply open the box, plug in the keypad, and stick each sensor in each location.

Can I take my system with me if I move to a new home?

Yes. SafeAlarms wireless system is completely portable. Just take the devices down from your old home, then place them in your new home.

What is professional monitoring?

A “professionally monitored” alarm system transmits alarm signals to an alarm monitoring center, a sophisticated call center that can rapidly dispatch the police, fire and medical authorities to your home in any emergency. Professional Monitoring is especially important because calling 911 on your cell phone won’t connect you to the correct authorities unless you’re currently located within their jurisdiction area. Our monitoring center will always dispatch the correct authorities no matter where you are.